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Eat, Drink, and Meet

The Founder of Doodley Dee’s Farm, Denise Bankston, is a businesswoman and philanthropist. Having attended numerous business, civic and fundraising events over the years, she knows what settings and amenities make for a successful meeting. With her input and that of meeting and event planners, our venue (also affectionately called “the barn”) was designed and built to meet the needs of a variety of banquets and meetings.

When you come visit us, we hope you’ll experience for yourself the detail we put into creating this special venue which in turn will help YOU create and deliver the most successful and hassle-free event possible.

We know everyone is busy. Planning meetings and events takes a lot of extra time if the facility in which you are planning to hold your event is simply a building. It takes a lot more than four walls to host a meaningful event. And, at The Venue at Doodley Dee’s Farm, we offer much more than four walls and the rural, peaceful environment sets a tone you won’t find in town.

We can nicely accommodate up to 250 guests in the main area of the barn, which boasts 6,500 square feet of meeting space. On the other hand, the venue was created to feel cozy whether hosting a large or small group of guests or participants.

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If you want to have a break out session for your meeting, or wish to have two separate areas for your banquet, we offer a beautiful 2,000 square foot mezzanine level. This unique feature of the barn will allow you to be even more creative with how you design your event. We know fundraising events will cherish the mezzanine for silent auctions and a unique setting to share more about their cause.

We have a mezzanine level should you wish to hold a cocktail party reception upstairs before your banquet. Or, you may wish to have your business meeting on the main floor, and then break for lunch and dinner up on the mezzanine level.

For smaller breakout sessions, we also offer two, private suites for smaller groups to meet on important business or for meeting planners to set up their headquarters for the day. We have a suite on the main floor as well as one on the mezzanine level. A conference room is also available for any business needs.

We’ve made a very large investment in comfortable chairs as well as both round and rectangular tables because we know this is one less worry for meeting planners. Working with our Banquet Sales Manager you can design the exact configuration of tables and chairs you desire for your banquet and/or meeting…and we will have them set up when you arrive.

Because each client has such different tastes in linen fabrics and colors, we do not carry linens in-house. However, once you as the client select your desired linen colors and fabrics, we are glad to coordinate with you the number and size of linens needed as per your table diagram.

Barn Features

  • 6,500 square feet of meeting space
  • Conference room
  • 250 guest capacity
  • 2,000 square feet mezzanine level
  • Two spacious suites
  • Full-length bar
  • In-house audio system with wireless microphones
  • HD video projector with 14x12 foot screen


Our barn is equipped with the latest high-tech components to ensure that your communication needs are met. The in-house audio system has wireless microphones and can accommodate a variety of mobile devices such as iPhones, tablets, etc. Need to show a video or make a PowerPoint presentation? Our HD video projector and 14x12 foot screen will help get your message across. The barn may be rustic, but the amenities are modern.

Food and Beverage

We’ve been told that a majority of wedding and meeting planners prefer an open food and beverage policy, as compared to having to contract solely with the facility to provide in-house food and beverages. Consequently, we have decided to concentrate our efforts in providing a peaceful environment, beautiful facilities and plentiful amenities…and leave food and beverage up to you.

This open policy allows clients who are working with a restricted budget to bring in their own choice of food and beverages and to oversee their own selection and purchasing of food, beverages and disposables as well as the set-up, serving, clean-up, removing of left-over items, etc. We do provide large coffee makers and cold beverage containers as part of our rental agreement, as well as trash cans, liners and an outside dumpster.

What about alcohol? The great State of Texas enables us to obtain a permit allowing alcoholic beverages on the premises. A simple renter's policy may be required as it covers any alcohol related incidents. Don't worry, we make the process easy by providing a list of insurance brokers we do business with, or you may use your own agent.

The Commercial Kitchen

Whether you handle the food yourself, or you decide to leave food and beverage up to a caterer, all will love Doodley Dee’s kitchen. Keep in mind…we’re a family farm. So, when we designed the kitchen we thought about all of the big family dinners we’ve enjoyed over the years—and how important it is that hot food is served hot and cold food served cold—and in a timely manner.

Unlike other event venues, we didn’t skimp on our commercial kitchen that includes two gas burning stoves as well as two refrigerators and an ice maker. We’ve included plenty of space for you and your helpers, or your catering company of choice, to prepare and serve the level of food quality your guests deserve.

As you may know, we’re both a new event venue as well as the largest aquaponic produce farm for many miles around. The produce we grow is even purer than organic…as all our plants are grown in water in controlled greenhouses, which you will see make up part of large portion of Doodley Dee’s Farm. We would love it if you or your caterer were eager to incorporate our fresher-than-fresh produce into the menu. Your guests will love it, too!

A Grand Fireplace and Cozy Bar

You’ll love our massive, stone fireplace that serves as the one of the main, architectural features of the barn…warming the hearts and the hands of your guests as they arrive for your special meeting or banquet…especially on cooler days and evenings.

The full-length bar we’ve carefully designed serves as an initial gathering and greeting place for your guests when they come into the venue. We know how important first impressions are and we want all of your guests to feel welcomed. You may choose to use the bar as a registration area for your guests or participants, and later as a coffee and snack break area.

Outdoor Areas

When we purchased this land in 2013 after a great deal of research and looking around, we selected this charming setting due in part to the many, mature trees growing on the land. Over the past year or two we’ve been busy not only designing and constructing the many buildings you’ll see on the Farm, but also adding in wonderful landscaping elements that further enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the grounds.

Weather permitting, we offer a number of lovely outdoor settings and areas in which you may choose to have team-building games and exercises, or even host your lunch meal an ongoing beverage and snack area. When you and your guests have made the effort to leave the city and come out to The Venue at Doodley Dee’s Farm in the country, why stay inside all day?

If you’re looking for photo opportunities, check out our five water wheels that are both ornamental and functional for the water canal that surrounds a food forest island. Or, stage your guests and participants atop the bridge spanning over to the island. That’s a photo that will grab attention in your next corporate newsletter!

An Exceptional Venue

We’re new…and we’re learning as we go. Our recently planted landscaping isn’t as mature as it will be in a few years…and there’s still a bit of construction going on here and there. Please don’t let this deter you, however, from coming out and taking a look. We know you’ll like what you see in The Venue at Doodley Dee’s Farm…and that you’ll sense this IS the place for YOUR next banquet or meeting!

Be one of the first to venture away from the same ole’ meeting and banquet venues that everybody else has booked over the years…and make your important event one that your guests will always remember. The Venue at Doodley Dee’s Farm.

We hope to see you soon!

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